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Over the past decade, Castlebridge has become the go-to authority in data governance, privacy and ethics. Building on our focus on delivering actionable business outcomes, we have built a reputation for quality in information management training and consulting, and have fostered a network of thought leading collaborators.

Data Education has been developed to provide a platform for self-directed learners, certification earners, and anyone looking for training in data related skills to meet rapidly changing needs.

Our courses are designed to help you master practical knowledge and skills in a wide range of data management disciplines. From Data Privacy and Data Ethics to Data Governance and Data Quality, to the basics of working with information in the work place, we aim to provide actionable learning for today’s knowledge worker.

Our approach to designing courses allows learners to jump in and learn skills with Short Courses, or to follow Structured Courses to develop skills or prepare for certifications

Our instructors are all experienced consultants and practitioners with real-world experience of the skills and concepts they are imparting. Many of our course contributors are industry recognised innovators and thought leaders in their domains.

Many of the Structured Courses we offer (or will offer in the near future) are mapped to the learning objectives of relevant industry certifications.

We keep our course offerings under review to ensure they support learners developing actionable and practical skills.

DataEducation learners can develop a record of their CPD hours for Short Courses and Structured Courses taken on this site. This can help learners maintain industry accreditations and certifications.

DataEducation can support “in-house” learning and development through private courses and bespoke course development in real or virtual classrooms.

Short Courses

Take a short course to get focused learning on specific knowledge and skills in various data management disciplines.

Structured Courses

Choose from "self-directed", "tutor-supported" or "instructor-led" courses to help you develop your data management skills.

Bespoke Courses

We work with organisations to develop tailored online or blended learning solutions for their learning needs.

castlebridge passion led us here

Our Mission

We are inspired by the pioneers and thought leaders we have worked with over the years to find new and different ways to help people in organisations think differently about information.

We aim to provide accessible, relevant, and structured learning experiences for our students, whether they are self-directed learners, or they are undertaking a tutor-supported blended learning course, or if they are accessing a live instructor-led course, or attending an in-person course.

Our mission is to help people do excellent things with data.

Self-Directed Courses

We offer a range of courses online, where you can set the pace and choose your own learning journey.

Instructor-Led Courses

We offer various instructor-led courses online delivered live in virtual classrooms for both public and in-house delivery.

Scheduled Public Courses

We also offer scheduled public courses off-line, either as stand-alone training or as part of blended learning.

Why Data Education?

Leading industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester have identified Data Literacy as one of the key strategic challenges for organisations today. We have access to more information and more tools for handling it than ever before. But fundamental challenges still arise and can undermine the success of projects and the morale of staff.

At Castlebridge, we are passionate about information and the fundamentals of information management. It is essential for effective communication and decision making in today’s information-driven world. Our mission is to help people do excellent things with data.

Education is key!

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