Developing a Data Strategy for Public Sector Leaders

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Half-day instructor-led online seminar

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12/08/2020 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Introduction and Purpose

Public bodies and government are increasingly collecting and processing data to support and develop evidence-based practices and policies, for more operational reasons and with a view to taking advantage of the growing benefits of AI and the data economy. Given this there is a growing need for public sector leaders to have the level of data literacy and associated conceptual ‘toolbox’ to understand data and information as core strategic assets for the delivery of services. By the end of the course delegates should have an understanding of why it is imperative for public sector bodies to have a developed data strategy, the ability to use the Castlebridge Data Strategy Framework and the associated governance structures to plan for the future, as well as insight into the importance of the level of maturity of the organisations data enablement function.

Key Objectives

Delegates will:

  • See how velocity, volume, and variety of data are changing the public sector landscape

  • Be able to apply the Data Strategy Spectrum to your organisation

  • Understand drivers, opportunities and challenges in Data Strategy, Governance and Management in the public sector

  • Get introduced to the Castlebridge Data Strategy and Governance Framework as a strategic planning tool already deployed in public sector organisations

  • Understand how capability and maturity models and data literacy levels impact on the level of strategic ambition that is realistically attainable.


Training will be delivered through a ½ day online instructor-led seminar. Delegates will receive a certificate evidencing their attendance and the content covered for their own Continuous Professional Development records.

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